We plan activities that cover most of the holidays that come during the year. There are crafts, decorations and other activities depending on the holiday.



We celebrate birthdays of course and the children will have a chance to share a special treat on the day. The children get a special birthday greeting from little tiggers!



Right now we have a theme space. The children are learning everything about space and make art and crafts. We also have a another theme that we have all the time, and that is "Me and myself" . We focused on the children and work with what they are good at and like. That everyone is as good and equally worthwhile.


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Good to know

  • Security gates are located on the stairs on both floors as well as outside on the porch. There are also gates at the entrance aswell and double door handles.
  • Hi vis vests and armbands are used for outdoor activities and excursions.
  • The premises are cleaned every day in the afternoon / evening.
  • Allergies / special foods are catered for according to the needs of each child.
  • The children are insured throughout their stay here.
  • Approved for F tax.
  • The business is closed bankholidays.
  • We use Tyra Preschooler mobile app and dropbox for keeping both parents updated on what is happening during the day aswell as other information.